Alight Motion Effects Free Download (How to Use Effects)

Alight Motion is the best motion graphic video editing app available for smartphones. AM provides you a wide range of effects including shake, glow, glitch, etc. These effects give a professional touch to your video and will connect with your audience. In Alight Motion, You get hundreds of shake effects that you can use on your Youtube, Facebook, or on your TikTok videos.

Alight Motion Effects Free Download

Alight Motion Impressive Motion Effects

Alight Motion is one of the first professional video editing app with a motion graphic feature developed by Alight Creative. AM is always the first choice for many people because of its super convenient and user-friendly interface, allowing everyone to use Alight Motion’s features without any trouble, Such as the transition effect, velocity edit, or any filters or fonts.

Alight Motion Impressive Motion Effects

Alight Motion offers you more than 200+ effects that you can use in your videos as well as images. You can also make your custom effect in AM app. Visual effects help to polish your video, bring discipline to your video, and many more benefits. Adding multiple visual effects on your images or videos will make them look more professional and eye-catching. You have probably seen some professional videos on YouTube, they all are using the same effects, with the help of Alight motion you can also add such type of attractive effects in your video.

Alight Motion Shake Effect Download

There are many shake effects available in Alight motion you can freely download any effect by clicking on the given button in XML format. it is a professional and creative tool mostly used by designers or video editors to make their videos more user-friendly and interesting. It is very simple to use such effects, you simply have to drag and drop your favorite effect on your video or image. Then set other things such as speed, shape, ratio, and background of your video to make it look perfect.

You can make amazing dynamics using these effects. You can also check this video of Alight Motion effect given below:

YouTube video

How to Use Alight Motion Preset Effects on your Mobile?

You can easily add a variety of visual effects such as shake, glow, glitch, etc to your video by using AM on your smartphone. You just have to follow the mentioned steps given below:

How to Use Alight Motion Preset Effects on your Mobile
Infographics – How to Use Alight Motion Preset Effects on your Mobile
  • Open Alight Motion app on your mobile phone and add your desired video or image, you want to edit.
  • After that set the ratio, background, and filter, of your video.
  • Next tap on the “+” icon and open visual effects on your smartphone.
  • There are hundreds of visual effects present in Alight Motion, choose the one you want to add in your video.
  • If you don’t get your desired effect, there are tuns of more effects available on Alight Motion’s official website. In addition, you can also make and edit visual effects in AM.
  • Next, add as much effect as you want on your video and preview your video by clicking the preview window.
  • Last, export your video in any format you want.
  • That’s it you may now know how to add and use Alight Motion effect on your mobile.


How to add effects in Alight Motion?

You can simply have to open the effect controls on Alight motion, select your favorite effect and drag it on your video.

Can we add more than one effect in Alight Motion?

Yes, you can add multiple effects to your video to make it more eye-catching and attractive.

Is Alight Motion effects are free?

Yes, there are more than hundreds of AM effects, which are totally free to use. There are variety of shake effects available on Alight Motion.


Adding multiple kinds of visual effects on your video gives a professional dynamic look. it is very easy to use elements in Alight Motion because the app interface is very convenient to use. We have discussed how to use AM effects on your video using your smartphone, also discuss the shake effects of Alight motion.