Best Alight Motion Fonts Download Free Pack (Guide)

Alight Motion motion offers you multiple fonts that you can use in your videos or images to make them more attractive and user-friendly. There are over 2000+ built-in fonts available in this app. You can also download Capcut Mod APK.

Best Alight Motion Fonts

A lot of people don’t know how to use and import fonts in Alight Motion, don’t worry I will guide you and also provide you a list of the best Alight Motion fonts.

Alight Motion Fonts

Fonts are a very important portion of your editing. Fonts in your videos will connect your audience and help to convey your message with more potential. It means fonts play a very important role and we want the best fonts for our videos. Well! Alight Motion is the best choice for you because it will provide you a wide range of stunning fonts that you can easily add in your videos.

Alight Motion Fonts

In addition, you can also change the color, size, and shape of your font using this app. You can also download more fonts from Alight Motion’s official website. If you don’t find your favorite font, you can also make your own font in this app. Further, you can save your personal font and also share this with your friends.

So what are you waiting for download Alight Motion and add attractive and eye-catching fonts to your YouTube, Facebook, or TikTok videos.

Easy to Use

Fonts in Alight Motion is very convenient and simple to use because the interface of this app is user-friendly and simple to understand even if you are a newbie. Using different fonts and text make your video look more professional many YouTubers use multiple fonts in their videos to make them more stunning. You can easily add more than one font to your videos and images.

Variety of Fonts

Alight Motion offers more than 2000+ fonts to its users. You can easily use your favorite font in this app without any hurdles. Using good fonts in your videos is very important because the font will create visual clues that what are trying to say in your video. So In Alight Motion, you can also create your own custom font according to your mood and the atmosphere of your context. So what are you waiting for choose your favorite font in Alight Motion.

Customize the Fonts

Another great feature of Alight Motion that you can easily customize any font template according to your need. You can change the font color by selecting your favorite color. You can easily adjust the shape and size of your font. You can also select your favorite font in multiple languages and can also change the style etc. Alight Motion fonts are very flexible to use.

Top 10 Alight Motion Fonts For Android & IOS

There are more than 2000+ fonts in Alight Motion, it’s not possible to discuss all types of fonts here, I gonna provide you a list of the best Alight Motion fonts that I like the most.

  1. Montserrt SemiBold Italicr
  2. Destoria Regular
  3. Thundercover
  4. Have heart one
  5. Bassy
  6. Evora
  7. Simply Rounded
  8. Magista Brush
  9. Wintersoul
  10. The Rickon

How to Use and Add Fonts

In Alight Motion, you can easily use fonts and texts on your videos to overlay. Here is a step-by-step tutorial to use and add text:

How to Use and Add Fonts
Infographics – How to Use and Add Fonts
  • First, open and run Alight Motion app on your smartphone.
  • Select the image or video you want to edit.
  • Open the font area in Alight Motion app and select your favorite style.
  • After selecting the font add the text you want to write in your video.
  • Select the language you want in your font. There are several language options available in this app.
  • Add as much font as you want in your videos. Add some more elements such as visual effects, vector graphics, etc.
  • After completing your editing, preview your video.
  • Boom! you’ve successfully added fonts in your videos.

How to import fonts in alight motion

In Alight Motion, you can also import several fons. Check out the video given below in which I guided you on how you can do this:

YouTube video


How to Use Fonts in Alight Motion?

You can easily use fonts in Alight Motion, open the app and choose your favorite font and adjust the shape and size according to your video. Boom! your fonts are ready.

Can I change the color of Font?

Yes, In Alight Motion you can easily edit your fonts such as shape, size, and color.

If you want to edit any of your videos or images, you should have to add some cool fonts and text in it to make them look more impressive. Alight Motion provides you a variety collection of fonts in it. So what are you looking for download the Alight Motion app on your smartphone and add interesting fonts to your videos.