Alight Motion Mod APK for PC Pro v4.0.5 (Windows, MAC)

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📊 CATEGORYVideo Editing
💻 DEVELOPERAlight Creative
⛈️ SIZE88 MB
📳 VERSION4.2.0
🚀 FEATURESPro Unlocked
⏳ REQUIREMENTWindows 9 or 10, intel processor
📥 DOWNLOADS10,000,000+

Using the number one professional video editing app on your smartphones to edit your videos or images is super cool. But what about the people who want to use Alight Motion on a bigger screen while using their PC or Mac?

Alight Motion Mod APK for PC

Well, don’t worry I will provide you the modded version of Alight Motion that you can easily use on your laptops. You’ll also get some extra features in this version such as No Ads, mask videos No watermark, Ultimate features, and many more things. I will also guide you that how to download Alight Motion for PC.

About Aight Motion Premium APK for PC

Suppose you love to edit your videos and want to add animations, filters, transition effects, and many more things. Then Alight Motion is one of the best video editing app for you out there. It is trouble-free to use thanks to its simple and effective interface. You can edit any of your videos or images by just using your smartphone, but what if you want some more?

Many people want to edit their video on a big screen because their editing skills will automatically improve on a bigger screen. So the question is Alight Motion for PC exists or not?

About Aight Motion Premium APK for PC

The answer is Yes as well as No, officially Alight Motion is only accessible on Android and IOS. But there are many ways to install Alight Motion into your Windows and MAC. Alight Motion APK for PC has stunning and incredible features including Transition Effects, Multiple Fonts, Vector Graphics, Cool Animations, and many more interesting features in it to make your video stunning with high-quality graphics. In Alight Motion APK you also have a watermark remover feature build-in, which means you don’t need to use any other third-party app to remove your Alight Motion watermark from your videos.

Alight Motion for PC is created by Adobe Software, which is a widely well-known company for its editing software. Do you know what’s the best thing I like about the Alight Motion app for PC, that anyone can use this app no matter if they are a newbie or a professional video editor.

According to PlayStore circumstances, almost 10,000,000+ people edited their videos and images in Alight Motion. Free yourself from using a small tiny screen and enjoy utilizing the app on your Laptop, PC, Windows, or MAC.

In short, you can use the Alight Motion app on both Smartphones as well as on a PC. Furthermore, I am gonna tell you how to download and use Alight Motion Mod APK for your PC.

Why use Alight motion Mod APK for PC?

It is a very common query among people, why should we give priority to the Alihghjt Motion modified version for PC? the answer is very simple, In Alight Motion Mod APK you got a wide range of features. This app is suitable for anyone who wants to edit their video with the best quality, in addition, it is fully free to download this version. Alight Motion allows users to make new tasks and permits them to edit any video on their Smartphone or PC.

Why use Alight motion Mod APK for PC?

This app is for basic as well as for professional editors, I personally edit my youtube videos on my PC using Alight Motion Mod APK. It is very convenient to use on my Windows 10. This app offers several features.

So if you are a video editor enthusiast then Alight Motion Mod APK is for you. Use it and give your videos a professional touch.

Alight Motion For PC Best Features

As we all know Alight Motion has multiple interesting video editing features. But let’s talk about some most significant features of Alight Motion that you can conveniently use on your computer screen.

Alight Motion For PC Best Features
Infographics – Alight Motion For PC Best Features

1. Keyframe Animation

It is one of the most amazing features of Alight Motion, keyframe means you can edit any of your video clips frame by frame. It is an important element to create multiple animation effects, vectors, motion graphics, etc. this feature helps you to make your video more cool and professional by adding multiple elements of Alight Motion into your videos.

Using your PC for editing makes your video more stunning, you can easily add any component in your video on a bigger screen.

2. Multiple Effects

Visual effects are very important for any video. In Alight Motion, you got hundreds of stunning visual effects for your videos. Visual effect gives overly to your videos that will give a professional touch to your video. You can also get customizable building blocks for your editing project. These effects look super great in your videos.

You can easily change the color or shape of any of your effects by using your Mac or PC. On a laptop, you can add visual effects very easily because you got a big screen and it will take your editing skills to a next level.

3. Vector Graphics & Animation

Another great feature of Alight Motion pc is that you can add cool vectors and graphics to your videos or images. You can make graphic motion videos with the help of it. You can also add 2D or 3D elements to your videos to make them more creative.

I personally love this feature of Alight Motion pc because I can also make my own custom vectors, which I can also use for my future projects.

4. Exporting Options

Alight Motion is the only free video editing app in which you got tuns of exporting formats such as PNG, XML, JPG, GIF, MP4 (HD), etc.

You can choose any of the formats to export your video. I personally recommend you to export your videos in MP4 (HD) format because the quality of your video looks fabulous in this. You can also export any animation or effect to your PC.

More to Get in Latest Version of Alight Motion APK for PC

As you know, I provide you the modded version of Alight Motion PC. So now let’s talk about some extra features of this version:

More to Get in Alight Motion Mod APK for PC
  • You got ultimate video editing features
  • All features are unlocked
  • No watermark on your video
  • Alot of fonts, elements, vectors, transition effects, and animations
  • No Ads

How to Download Alight Motion on PC in a Simple Step

You can easily download Alight Motion Mod APK on your Windows. All you have to do is to install a third-party emulator on your laptop. There are many emulators that you can choose but I recommend you to download BlueStacks. You can easily download it through their official site.

Minimum System Requirements:

  • OS: Microsoft Windows 7,8,9 and 10 are all compatible.
  • Processor: Intel or AMD
  • RAM: your PC or MAC must have at least 1GB or 2GB of free space to download the BlueStack emulator.
  • HDD: 5GB Free Disk space on your laptop.
  • You must have an administrator on your PC to install it.
  • You must have the latest graphic driver from Microsoft or the cheapest vendor.

After downloading the BlueStacks you have to follow the mentioned steps given below:

steps to download alight motion pc
Infographics – Steps to Download Alight Motion PC
  1. Once you install the BlueStack emulator on your computer device, then download the V4.0.4 version of Alight Motion from our provided link.
  2. Open the BlueStack on your PC then open the APK file in it.
  3. After opening the APK file wait to complete the installation.
  4. Now if you go into the home screen of BlueStack, you will see the Alight Motion APK for PC.
  5. Click on the Alight Motion app and use it.
  6. Congratulations! you’ve successfully downloaded the modded version of Alight Motion for PC.


Can we download Alight Motion on PC?

Yes, you can easily use Alight Motion on your computer by just downloading a third-party emulator and then install the modded version of Alight Motion.

Is Alight Motion APK safe for PC?

Yes, Alight Motion Mod APK is 100% safe for your PC, we tested this app and there is no issue or bugs found.

Is Alight Motion for PC paid?

I offer you a modded version of Alight Motion for PC that you can easily use to edit any of your videos on your computer with some extra cool features such as watermark remover, no Ads, and many more.


So I guided you almost everything related to Alight Motion for PC. you can easily download and use Alight Motion on your PC or Mac. Don’t forget that Alight Motion is one of the number one video editing app out there.

So what are you waiting for download Alight Motion Mod APK on your PC and enjoy editing your videos or images.