How to Use Alight Motion Presets (Free Download)

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Alight Motion is the first professional video editing app that offers presets to its users, that will make your videos more awesome and give a professional touch, These presets are very convenient to use on your android as well as IOS device. Many professional YouTubers use these presets to make their videos more eye-catching.

How to Use Alight Motion Presets

In this article, I will guide you how to import & use Alight Motion presets on your smartphone. You will easily use these presets in your videos.

Alight Motion Presets

Presets are the combination of photo-editing features that can convert your digital images and videos into a beautiful finished product just using their specialty. Alight Motion offers you multiple presets that you can easily use on your videos to make them more attractive and eye-catching. there are many kinds of presets available in AM app. It is a perfect way to add moments in your videos, images, and logo. By using these presets you can make both simple as well as complex animations for your project.

Alight Motion Presets

If you guys usually made the same changes to edit your videos on your smartphones, they also learn how to create presets that will help you a lot to save your time while editing. there are many presets present in the market but Alight Motion Presets are the best ones for your videos.

As we discuss above there are many presets in AM, here are the four best presets that I love to use:

  • Rolling Waves
  • Shimmering lines
  • Floating Clouds
  • Spiraling Swirls

1. Rolling Waves

The rolling wave preset of alight motion consists of a wavy line that can easily adjust up or down at an angle. This is one of the popular presets to make dynamic images, and animation backgrounds. It will give a smooth effect to your video. It is very simple to use this preset on your smartphone.

To use the Rolling Waves presets of Alight Motion:

  • Add your image, video, or logo to AM app.
  • Go to Alight Motion effect settings on your smartphone.
  • Select the rolling wave preset on your video.
  • After selecting the preset adjust them according to your need.
  • Next, preview and export your video to share it with your friends.

2. Shimmering lines

Another great preset of Alight Motion is shimmering lines that will create your videos more professional and user-friendly. In this preset, you’ll get a series of lines that move up & down in your videos along a path. I personally use these presets in my Youtube videos because it looks super awesome. These all presets are totally free of cost to use on your smartphone using AM.

To use Shimmering Lines presets of Alight Motion:

  • Open your Alight Motion app on your smartphone.
  • Add your project in AM, you want to edit or add presets.
  • After adding your video go to alight motion settings, and select shimmering line preset for your video.
  • Next, set this preset and adjust all the lines, etc.
  • Then simply export your video at a higher resolution.

3. Floating Clouds

Floating cloud preset is the most popular preset among people. Millions of people use this preset in their videos and images. Alight Motion is the first video editing app for android which provide this preset for its users. It will make your video more amazing and animated. In the floating cloud preset, you’ll get tuns of circle clouds that randomly move up and down and float your video with smoothness.

To use Floating Clouds presets of Alight Motion:

  • Open AM and drag your video in it.
  • Import your floating cloud preset into your project.
  • Adjust your preset according to your video and also set basic editing like ratio, speed, and effect.
  • then, preview your video and export it.

4. Spiraling Swirls

This preset is commonly used by professionals to give their video a better feel and vibe. Many professional YouTubers use this preset in their videos to connect with their audience. You can also use this preset of AM in your YouTube, Facebook, or TikTok videos. It consists of a series of rings that will float your video in a spiral pattern, Like the pattern of a galaxy in the universe. Alight Motion will offer you this amazing feature free of cost.

To use Spiraling Swirls presets of Alight Motion:

  • First, run AM app on your mobile phone.
  • Go to the effects menu, and select the “spiraling swirls” preset.
  • Drag it into your project and set the ratio.
  • Preview your video and boom your preset is working on your video.

How to Use XML Alight Motion Presets?

You can easily use Alight Motion presets on your smartphone by using AM app. There are few steps given below that will guide you that how to use presets:

How to Use XML Alight Motion Presets
Infographics – How to Use XML Alight Motion Presets

Step 1

First Install the Alight Motion app on your smartphone from PlayStore.

Step 2

After downloading the app, open it and select the photo or video you want to add presets.

Step 3

Next, go to Alight Motion settings, open the effect menu and select your favorite preset.

Step 4

Once you select your favorite preset drag it to your video and adjust the preset according to your video.

Step 5

After inserting the preset preview your video and export it in XML format, and share your interesting video on your social platforms.

Where to download Alight Motion Presets?

There are several ways to download and export Alight Motion presets on your smartphone. You can easily use these presets on your videos to make it more visible to your audience. You can also download Alight Motion Preset from our given link, in this you’ll get almost all the preset packages for free.

You can also import AM presets by watching the tutorial video given below:


Do I add more than one preset in my video?

Yes, you can add a variety of presets to your video at once. It will give a soothing effect to your video.

Where to import Alight Motion presets?

There are many resources available on the internet from where you can easily import any of your favorites presets for your video.

Which software is best to use presets?

There are much of software available in the market that provides you many presets but I personally suggest you to go with ALight motion because it is the best app for presets on mobile phones.


Use stunning AM presets in your videos to make them look more gorgeous and attractive. It is very easy to use these presets on your smartphone. In Alight Motion, you can also import XML presets.

So what are you waiting for, don’t hesitate to download these presets on your devices from the provided link.