Download Alight Motion Pro APK For iPhone v4.0.5

📊 CATEGORYVideo Editing
💻 DEVELOPERAlight Creative
⛈️ SIZE74 MB
📳 VERSION4.0.5
🚀 FEATURESPro Unlocked
⏳ REQUIREMENTIOS, iPhone or iPad
📥 DOWNLOADS10,000,000+

Alight Motion Mod APK is the best video editing app for your IOS devices such as iPhone, Mac or iPad. You can easily edit your videos and add multiple animations, transition effects, stickers, and effects on your videos.

Alight Motion Pro APK For iPhone

In the free version of Alight Motion, you won’t get any premium features. But don’t worry you can download the modded version of Alight Motion on your smartphone by provided link below. I will also guide you on how to download this epic app on your device.

What is Alight Motion Mod APK for IOS?

Alight Motion Mod APK for IOS is the best video editing app for your iPhone. Using this epic app on your mobile makes your videos more professional and attractive. As we all want our videos to look better. Alight Motion app is very convenient to use even if you are a newbie. The interface is very user-friendly and responsive.

There are also many other video editing apps present, but in Alight Motion, you got multiple interesting features like you can add amazing filters to your videos. There are several filters available in Alight Motion same like this you can add visual effects, vectors, frames, and many more things to your videos.

What is Alight Motion Mod APK for IOS

If you are a professional video editor you may know the terms frame rate, pixels, ratio, background, etc. In this amazing app, you can set all these things according to your need without facing any hurdles. You can also mask your video or add some gorgeous transitions to your videos.You have two options to use this app on your IOS devices, one is to use the free version of Alight Motion in which there is a limit to use the features and you don’t have any premium features unlocked.

The second way is a little more fun, you can download the cracked version of Alight Motion APK IOS from the provided link, In this, you can get all the premium features unlocked. It is totally safe. In addition, it is free to download this version (v4.0.5) on any IOS or Android device.

5 Best Features of Alight Motion for IOS

There are tuns of features in Alight Motion Pro APK including several animations, stickers, keyframes, and multiple exporting formats. The best feature I like about this app that you can export your videos up to 4k resolution on your smartphone. There are many features of Alight Motion APK we can’t explain all the features but here are some most significant features of this app:

5 Best Features of Alight Motion for IOS
Infographics – 5 Best Features of Alight Motion for IOS
  1. Splendid Animations & Visual Effects
  2. Convenient to Use
  3. High Exporting Quality
  4. Stunning Fonts & Texts
  5. Save your Favourite Element

1. Splendid Animations & Visual Effects

In this app, you can get a variety of visual effects and animations that will make your video or images more eye-catching. The developers of Alight Motion add hundreds of interesting visual effects for the users. Adding animations and effects in your video makes it look more attractive and people like videos with such effects. You can also make your own custom animation in this app.

Many YouTubers, TikTokers, and influencers use these effects in their videos to interact with their fans. There are many types of visual effects like swirl, wave wrap, bulge, feather, fast box blur, find edges and many more.

2. Convenient to Use

Many people face difficulty to use editing apps on their smartphones because of the complicated interface. But in Alight Motion, you got a very simple and user-friendly interface. Anyone can use this app wherever he/she is a professional or a newbie. One of the reason why this app is so popular is because people found the interface very convenient to use on their smartphones.

3. High Exporting Quality

Most of the video editing apps offer to export your videos with limited exporting options, which may sometimes lead to bad quality. But here’s the good news for you, In Alight Motion, you can get multiple exporting formats such as PNG, JPG, MP4 (HD), Gif, etc for your videos and images. You can export your video at a very higher resolution while using Alight Motion on your smartphone. I personally use MP4 format to export my videos because in this format my video quality looks super high.

4. Stunning Fonts & Texts

Nowadays every video wants some fonts and text to convey its message with more potential. Adding texts to your video is an essential part of your editing. So Alight Motion offers you almost 2000+ built-in fonts that you can easily use in your videos. These fonts are available in almost every language, you can also change the size, shape and colour of your favourite fonts in this epic app. In addition, you can also make your own font in Alight Motion and can save it for future projects.

5. Save your Favourite Element

Saving any of your elements for your future editing is one of my favourite features in Alight Motion. Like you can save and export your favourite animations, stickers, effects and any other element. This feature really helps you whenever you want instant editing for your video.

More to Get in Alight Motion Mod Apk for IOS

As we explain the significant features of this app above, there are some more interesting premium features that you can only get in the latest version of Alight Motion Mod APK:

More to Get in Alight Motion Mod Apk for IOS
  • In this cracked version you have unlimited access to all premium features.
  • You don’t get any irrelevant Ads or popups in this version.
  • No watermark appears in your video while exporting your videos.
  • Free to download on your smartphone.
  • 100% safe to use this app on your IOS devices.
You can get multiple solid colours and gradient effects for your videos.Sometimes the app crashes or does not work on my smartphone.
Export your videos at a higher resolution up to 4K by using MP4 (HD) format.Need a lot of storage space on your smartphone.
Custom font & text support.keyframe animation needs more improvement.
You can save and export your Favourite elements such as filters, stickers or fonts etc.
Best customer support.
Offers you amazing animations for your videos or images.
Easy to use this app on your iPhone

How to Download Alight Motion Premium APK IOS (iPhone, Mac & Ipad)

It is very simple and easy to download Alight motion APK IOS on your apple devices, you just have to follow the following steps:

How to Download Alight Motion Premium APK IOS (iPhone, Mac & Ipad)
Infographics – Steps to Download Alight motion APK IOS
  1. First of all, delete the free version of Alight Motion from your iPhone (if you already downloaded it).
  2. Now download the latest version v4.0.2 from the provided link.
  3. After that, go to your mobile settings to allow the unknown sources.
  4. Then install the app and open it on your smartphone.
  5. Congratulations! you’ve successfully downloaded the Alight Motion Mod APK on your smartphone. Enjoy editing your video.


Is Alight Motion Mod APK available for IOS?

Yes, Alight Motion APK is available for all your Apple devices. You can easily download the cracked version from the given link.

Is Alight Motion free for IOS?

Alight Motion is totally free to use on any device either an IOS or Android device. You can easily get this amazing app.

Is it easy to use Alight Motion on an IOS device?

Alight Motion is the easiest video editing app for your smartphone. The interface of Alight Motion is very convenient and user-friendly.


So if you are looking for the best video editing app to edit your videos professionally, Alight motion Mod APK is the best choice for you. You can use this app to make more eye-catching videos and images. it is very easy to use as we explained earlier.

So what are you waiting for download the Alight Motion APK IOS and take your editing skills to the next level.