Alight Motion vs Capcut | Side by Side Features Comparison

When it comes to video editing apps for smartphones, there are very few options right there. Alightmotion and Capcut both are the two most professional apps for video editing.

Alight Motion vs Capcut

So are you confused about choosing the best one? Don’t worry I am going to tell you the similarities as well as differences between the two of them. I will tell you all the features and which of these two apps does it better.

Alight Motion vs Capcut Features Comparison
Infographic – Alight Motion vs Capcut Features comparison

1. Multiple Layer Graphics

Alight Motion: In Alight Motion, you can edit your video as well as audio. Apart from that, you get hundreds of layers of graphics that will make your videos even more professional. There is an option to change the colors of videos to images you add as well as a customizable building block effect. It also includes many vectors and bitmap. So you can easily edit your vector and make a perfect video for yourself by just using your smartphone. You don’t need any powerful PC to edit your video. You have Alight Motion!

Multiple Layer Graphics

Capcut: In Capcut, you also got have multiple layers in your videos as well as in images. It has several different tools for editing such as cure, background effects, auto caption mode, etc. With the help of this feature, you can easily add multiple graphic layers to your video to make it better.

2. Keyframe Animation

Alight Motion: In Alight Motion, you have a very cool Keyframe Animation feature, it is a fundamental element of creating animations, effects, videos, and motion graphics. You get keyframe animation in all settings. You can easily add keyframes to your videos and images. It is a very interesting feature to use. You can make fun animations with this feature.

Keyframe Animation

Capcut: In Capcut, like Alight Motion, you can get keyframe animation in all your settings. You can easily edit your video or image with this feature. You can add multiple stickers, frames, or text to your project. You can move any object from one place to another by using various keyframe graphics. Nowadays this feature is compulsory in any best video editing app. That’s why both Capcut and Alight Motion has this great feature.

3. Visual Effects

Capcut: There is a vast collection of special visual effects in Capcut such as split-screen, retro comic effects, dreamy, and so on. These effect overly your video with special effects and elements and give a smooth experience to your video. In Capcut you will also get special visual effects for your photos, you have an option to combine multiple photographs to make a presentation. you can also add multiple images and make a video with them without affecting the quality of your photos.

Visual Effects

Alight Motion: In Alight Motion, you got hundred of visual effects and transition effects, stunning fonts & QR codes with a customizable building block for your project. You can easily change the color of your image by using various effects. The color correction feature helps you to change the color and design of your video or image so you can edit your video the way you want on your smartphone. It is a simple video editing app you can edit any of your Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok, and other social media platform video by just using Alight Motion.

4. Export Formats

Alight Motion: There is a great thing in Alight Motion that you can export your videos and photos in multiple formats. You can also export a particular frame or effect of any video. It is very easy to export your video from alight motion all you have to do is click on the export button and select in which format you want to export your project.

In Alight Motion, you got multiple export formats such as XML, MP4 (video), GIF, PNG, JPEG, etc. Select which format you want for your video and you can easily share your video on any social media platform.

Export Formats

Capcut: In Capcut when your video is ready to export you have to select the resolution and frame per second of your video, after then Capcut tells you the estimated size of your video. You can export your video up to 4K and 60 frames per second. At any time you can export or share your video with anyone.

On my iPhone and iPad, I can also toggle HDR, but unfortunately, this option of Capcut wasn’t available on android devices. This is the only feature that is missing in android devices. Otherwise, there are almost all the same features available in both android and IOS. Adjust your format and share your videos on TikTok and other social media platforms.

5. Fonts Style

Alight Motion: It offers you 3000+ fonts to add to your video. You can use multiple text fonts in your video, you can also add a text layer to your photos. You can easily customize any font into various forms. If you don’t get your favorite font, you can also make your customizable font in Alight Motion. So add multiple fonts in your video and impress your friends.

I personally like these fonts because they look so cool on my videos and give my video a professional look.

Fonts Style

Capcut: It also offers many interesting fonts. You can add text to your videos with different styles and fonts. You can also use some font templates in your videos. Another great feature of Capcut is that you also can import subtitle font into your video.

Various fonts are available such as Typer, Modren, Amatic SC, Nunito, Bahiana, and so on. So please choose the best font for your video and make it better.

6. Vector Graphics

Alight Motion: In Alight Motion, you get a very special feature called vector graphics, which helps you to create graphic motion videos with the help of graphic vectors. Vector is very cool and fun imagine that you can create in alight motion. You can also make your own customizable vector. You can also get a list of vectors. So what are you waiting for you can easily edit your vector image on your smartphone by using Alight Motion.

YouTube video

Capcut: In Capcut you won’t get a vector graphic feature, but you have a variety of filters in it. These filters help you to sharpen or soften your images and videos. There are color-based and season-based filters available that you can easily use. You can also make 3D photo reels in Capcut.


Which is better Alight motion or Capcut?

Alight motion and Caput are both very great video editing apps, but In Alight Motion, you can get some extra features.

How much Capcut Cost?

Capcut is a free professional video editing app for smartphones. It offers several features to edit your video and let your video shared on multiple social media platforms.

Does Alight Motion work on IOS?

Alight Motion is the first professional motion video editing app for your smartphone for iPhone, iPad, and Mac, bringing you professional-quality animation, motion & vector graphics, visual effects, video editing, video compositing, and more!


Both these video editing apps have great features. You can easily edit any of your videos or photos by using these apps. In my opinion, I personally use Alight Motion because it is the first professional video editing app for your smartphone and you can use it easily on your android as well as on IOS. It has some very great features which distinguished it from other apps such as vector graphics, multiple export options, various fonts, and many more things. Hope you like the article.