Alight Motion vs InShot – All Features Comparison

When it comes to video editing apps there are a lot of options available on Playstore. Alight Motion and InShot are the most reliable video editing apps which provide you with many new features for upgrading your editing skills. The most important features that a video editor wants in their apps are cropping, trimming, transition effects, and many more. 

Alight Motion vs InShot

In the following article, I am gonna tell you the similarities and differences among these two professional video editing apps. So don’t worry, you can easily choose the best one according to your usage.

Main Differences

Alight Motion is the first professional motion graphic video editor app with many features such as multiple style fonts, stickers, filters, and many more that will help the user to make their videos more attractive and glorifying. 

InShot is the most famous video editor app that will take your editing skills to the next level. This app will provide you many advantages like voice-over effects, background color, cropping, multiple presets, etc.

They both are one of the best video editing apps but yet there are some similarities and differences in both of these apps that are given below

1. User Interface

Alight Motion: 

In Alight Motion, you can edit your videos and pictures with a simple and friendly user interface. AM app has a well-organized interface with easy-to-use tools that can help you to complete your editing videos in just a few minutes. With such an interface you can easily drag and drop your videos so then your edited videos and pictures will look more attractive and eye-catching.

User Interface


The Inshot is an android and IOS video editing app with many features which is user friendly and easy to understand. The InShot app has a minimal and simple user interface which is convenient for the users. There are a lot of options in their interface which you can use to edit your videos and pictures. It can save your time while editing and moreover you don’t face any difficulty or error in this app. You can comfortably use the tool, filters, and stickers to do your editing.

2. Video Manipulation 

Alight Motion:

Alight Motion is a rich featured video editing app that offers a lot of different editing tools and techniques for android, PC and IOS smartphones.

It can manipulate your videos by cropping, splitting, rotating and many more things. Due to its video manipulating quality, this app is perfect for content creators because it is a free graphics editing app which a user can use to socialize and show their editing skills on different social media platforms. You can easily merge, velocity edit and modify your video clips and generate a flourishing video or movie file.


InShot provides you with all the basic features including cutting, color adjustment, and background customization which a user can use to manipulate their video and files.

In InShot, you have to learn first how to edit it but once you have mastered in knowing then you can easily edit and create a perfect video. There are hundreds of options in this app that a user can use to edit their files and documentary without facing any hassle. You can easily choose your editing options with only one tap. So, we can say that in this app this is a plus point while editing videos.

3. Easy to Share

Alight Motion:

In Alight Motion, things are a little tricky if you are a beginner but after continuously using this app for editing then you may become a professional editor. You can easily share your videos and pictures with your friends and family. Moreover, a user can also import your XML files and documents in a very easy way. You just have to save it first and then the option of sharing appears so you have to touch it and can share comfortably.

Easy to Share


InShot provides basic things for editing but they are sufficient for any beginner. InShot no doubt is the best video and photo editing app that can also import or share your video and pictures in just a few minutes. If you want to share your video with any other user, you have to click on the download video button and then the video is saved on your device, then you can easily share it with anyone. Apart from that, you can also add some music, filters, and stickers before sharing videos and pictures.

4. Exporting Formats 

Alight Motion

One of the most fascinating things about AM is that you can export your videos and pictures in different formats that are so satisfying for the user. There are many video and animated formats that are conveniently accessible for exporting your videos. The available formats are MP 4, PNG , and XML so a user can easily download their videos in such multiple exporting formats. Moreover you can also share your videos and pictures in these different formats.

YouTube video


Considering the exporting feature, InShot does not save your videos and pictures if you have a low-quality phone. But also the solution is available, You can choose the lower video quality like MP 4 format then it might export your images and videos in your mobile gallery. Like other video editing apps, InShot does not have multiple exporting formats so it is inconvenient for a user to share their videos and pictures.

5. Adding Fonts 

Alight Motion

There is a huge collection of fonts in Alight Motion that everyone chooses according to their needs. In this app you can also download different kinds of fonts and import them into the program. Downloading fonts in AM is easy and free.  Alight Motion offers a variety of unique fonts that make your project more attractive and vibrant. It comes in different languages and writing styles that will take your videos on the next level. This feature is available in both free and pro versions of this app. 

Adding Fonts

I personally loved such types of fonts because they beautifully adore my videos and pictures.


There are many video editing apps available on different websites that will provide a user with various font styles to edit their videos. But InShot has the most advanced font tool kit that comes in a huge variety of styles including handwritten, roman, comic, etc. In most of the apps when you download your own font style it will charge you but in this app you will get this feature without any cost. A user can also drag or minimise the text style in their videos or pictures.

Moreover, a user can also change the colour of their text to make their videos and pictures more compelling and vibrant.

6. Multiple Effects 

Alight Motion

Alight Motion offers tons of features which include visual effects, animated effects, audio and voice over effects and many more. You can easily change the colour and design of your image by using different effects. In this app, you can also merge your video clips to make a movie file. The most important thing of this app is that a user can edit their videos and pictures in full screen mode. The blending feature of AM can mix various effects and make a perfect video that you want.

YouTube video


In InShot, there is a vast array of features that you’ll get in all your settings. InShot provides you many features that are splitting, cropping, colour adjustment, background customization, adding music and much more. While editing a user can also add multiple stickers and filters to make their videos cool and stunning. Adding stickers and emojis on your videos is so easy that you don’t feel any worry. Merging video shots with blending mode is very useful for the content creators because they socialize on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.

Pros of Alight Motion App

Alight Motion

  • Multiple exporting formats
  • Accessible interface
  • Ad free
  • No watermark in Paid version
  • Edit various videos at once
  • Many Versions
  • Shareable QR codes
  • Video Masking


  • User friendly
  • Tons of transition effects
  • Ad free

Cons of Inshot App

Alight Motion 

  • Glitches problem 
  • Laggy sometimes 


  • Little slow
  • Learning interface


What is a better option Alight Motion or InShot?

Alight Motion and InShot both are famous video editing apps with a lot of features but Alight Motion comes in more advanced features so we can say that it is the perfect app for editing videos and photos.

Is InShot a free app?

InShot is a free-to-download video editing app and you don’t have to pay anything for its features. But if you want to use this app on a professional level then you have to pay a little bit on its upgrading features.

Does Alight Motion contain any watermark?

Alight Motion is the most reliable video editing app which does not contain any watermark. So, it proves a convenient app for the users.


In this article, we come to know that Alight Motion and InShot both are the best-featured video editing apps that come in a huge variety of unique features. Both apps have some advantages and disadvantages but they are the most convenient apps for video and photo editing.

From my experience, I personally suggest Alight Motion because it is the first professional video editing app with many advancing features like trimming, merging, cropping, and much more.