How to Add Transition in Alight Motion in 5 Steps

Transition effects are used to make your videos stunning and smooth. Nowadays every interesting video use this effect and everyone wants these type of transitions in their videos. But not everyone knows how to do the transition in Alight Motion.

How to Add Transition in Alight Motion

I personally use transition effects in my videos and I will tell you how to use this cool feature in your videos. These effects make your videos more interesting and people also find such types of videos more engaging. So if you are a beginner and want to learn how to add transitions to your videos, this article is for you.

What is Transition Effect?

Transitions are visual effect or animation, which is used in between videos and photo clips. You cannot see transitions in static form but once you add them to your clips it will show you the progress in your video. Alight Motion transition feature is very easy and simple to use.

What is Transition Effect

With the help of transition effects, you can make your video more fascinating and stunning. Transition gives your video a professional look. Alight Motion provides you with a variety of transitions effects for your video such as Swipe, Flade, swipe in & out, Zoom in & out, Smooth Transition and etc.

Tutorial to do the Transition in Alight Motion

To add transition into your videos is very simple. You have to follow the given steps:

Tutorial to do the Transition in Alight Motion
Infographics – Steps to do Transitions in Alight Motion

Step 1

First of all, open the Alight Motion Mod APK app on your smartphone, and add images or videos by clicking “Add Media” button. Select the video in which you want to add a transition.

Step 2

In this step, you have to tap on your image and go to the transition menu and select the effect that you want to add to your video. There are hundreds of effects present in Alight Motion select your favorite one.

Step 3

Furthermore, add some cool animation into your video to make it more attractive, this step is not necessary for everyone.

Step 4

After adding the transitions and animations, you should have to preview your video by pressing the “preview” button. Check your video properly and make sure that It looks perfect.

Step 5

After completing and previewing the edited video, you have to export your video to your desired format. I personally use MP4 (Video) format because in that my video looks more stunning.

Step 6

Congratulations you are successfully add transitions in your editing. your work is ready, now enjoy your video.

How to Use Smooth Transitions in Alight Motion

When comes to smooth transitions, it is the most common and famous transitions effects in Alight Motion. Most people want to use this effect but they don’t know how to add a smooth transition to your video? Here are some simple steps to use smooth transition.

How to Use Smooth Transitions in Alight Motion
  • First, open the Alight Motion app on your Device, and press the +icon. Choose your desired ratio and click on “Create Project”.
  • Next, select the video or image you want to edit by clicking add media button. You can also add some background, vectors, or animation if you want. Also, set other video settings according to your need.
  • After all, this tap on the image or video and open the transition menu, Select your favorite smooth transition effect for your video. Also, add a blur lens.
  • Choose the round values and set your frequency up to 42.
  • After doing all the editing of your video, preview your video and take a look how your smooth transitions look like. Then make changes if you want and save your video.
  • After that export your video and that’s it your video is ready with some cool transitions in it.
  • Share your video with your friends and on other social media platforms.
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Best Transitions Effects in Alight Motion

As we know alight motion offers you hundreds of transition effects to edit your video. You can also download more transitions effects from Alight Motion. Here are some of the best transitions effects for you, which are given below:

Best Transitions Effects in Alight Motion
  • Fade In
  • Fade Out
  • Wash Out
  • Cross Dissolve
  • Ripple Dissolve
  • jump Cat
  • Cutaway
  • Zoom In & Out
  • Iris In & Out
  • Glitch
  • Distortion
  • Geometric
  • Wipe


Can we add more than one transitions effects in our videos?

Yes, we can add more than one effect to our videos. The more you add a transition in your videos the more your video looks amazing.

Is there are smooth transitions available in Alight Motion?

Yes, you got a very responsive smooth transition effect in Alight Motion, which you can use very easily in your videos or images.


Let’s sum up all the things. I hope after reading this article now you guys know how to add transition effects in your videos or images in Alight Motion. I suggest you try at least one transition effect in your video because it looks super good in your video.

In Alight Motion, you have a variety of effects like Smooth effect, Ripple, Wipe, and many more.

Feel free to use these transitions and make your video a professional touch. Once you know how to use them, you are gonna addicted to these effects. I hope you like this article.