How to Fix Alight Motion Mod APK Errors (4 Simple Solutions)

Alight Motion Mod APK is a great video editing app for Android users as well as for IOS, But it also has some errors and issues which are so irritating for the users while editing videos and pictures. These problems need to be fixed, so don’t worry we will guide you on how to eradicate all these errors.

How to Fix Alight Motion Mod APK Errors

I can briefly explain some common problems and their solutions as given below.

How to Solve Alight Motion APK Errors (Simple Solutions)

Alight Motion is an editing app that makes your videos and photos more attractive and stunning but like other apps, it also has some errors like exporting errors which is inconvenient for the user after exporting their videos. It also has RAM-related issues which are really annoying for a user. Like these errors, there are many more common problems with this app. Before solving any of the errors you must follow the given solutions which may resolve all your errors or problems:

How to Solve Alight Motion APK Errors (Simple Solutions)
Infographics – How to Solve Alight Motion APK Errors (Simple Solutions)

Solution 1

Clear your cache and data:

This is the easy method to remove AM errors, you have to go into settings and tap Oka in Settings then go to storage, and tap on Cached data to remove all the cache and data.

Solution 2

Free up space and storage:

AM is a large video editing app so before downloading it you have to clear up your space. Some apps might be deleted if you run out of space. After that, you can easily download & run Alight Motion Mod APK on your smartphone.

Solution 3

Correct Version:

Before installing AM Mod APK you have to be very careful in choosing the correct version of this app according to your mobile phone’s software. If you download the latest version of this app on your old version phone, then this will create some errors while editing. So make sure that you are downloading the right version of Alight motion Mod APK for your mobile phone.

Solution 4

Reinstall the version:

This is another great solution to solve the errors which are followed by most people, If you cannot fix your AM Mod APK errors then simply reinstall the app. Make sure to save your data before choosing this reinstallation option. 

Alight Motion APK All Problems & Errors

Here are the few errors which we are facing while using the Alight Motion Mod APK version:

  1. Export Errors
  2. Sign in Problem
  3. Loading Error Correction
  4. Black/White Screen Bug
  5. Installation Issues
  6. RAM And GPU-Related Issues
Infographics – Alight Motion APK All Problems & Errors

1. Export Error 

When you export your images and videos in AM sometimes you may face an exporting error. You can easily solve this problem by following the above-mentioned solution i.e, clear data, free storage, correct version, or reinstall the app. These solutions resolve these exporting errors and your video will start exporting.

2. Sign-in Error

Sometimes when you sign in to AM, you may face a sign-in problem that is caused by the incapable software of your mobile phone. Don’t worry if you have this error restart your mobile and try to sign in again.        

Sometimes it is also caused by a low internet connection so go and check out your connection and then try again. By doing these things you can easily escape from this error.

3. Loading Error Correction

In certain mobiles there is a loading issue that is caused by server problem, it takes a few minutes to solve.  Loading error usually happens when you finalize editing your photos and videos. So, the loading error takes too much time to export our videos.

You can resolve this error by considering the above-mentioned solutions that are clear, clean, and reinstall your app.

4. Black And White Screen Bug

This issue is mostly faced by Android, IOS,  and PC users. This error may change the color of your screen so this causes disturbance when you edit your photos and videos on AM. You can easily solve this issue by closing the app for some minutes and then open again.

But if you are still having this problem then restart your mobile and then open the app again then hopefully it works smoothly without this error.

5. Installation Issues 

Users may find this problem in their mobile phones due to incompatible software. This is the main reason that the app causes disturbance while installing. AM app requires a superb internet connection so it can install easily without any issue.

If the downloading version doesn’t support your mobile then choose the correct version of Alight Motion Mod APK according to your smartphone software. So you have to be very careful in choosing the right version according to your mobile phone capability.

6. RAM and GPU-Related Errors

RAM and GPU-related errors are usually caused by the junk files present in your mobile phone that stop your app from working and affect the device software. This error occurs due to the low memory software of your mobile phone. So, you have to clean your mobile by deleting such damaging files, then this app works better on your mobile phone.

How to Contact Support?

If you have the above-mentioned errors then don’t worry you can also ask your query in the comment section and we will try to answer it. You can also check AM support team they will help you to solve your further queries.


Why does Alight Motion cause installation errors?

Alight Motion is an Android and IOS editing app that has different versions for different mobile phones. So, this error is due to the wrong choice of version on your mobile phone.

How can I resolve the sign-in error?

Sign-in error is caused due to the low memory software of your mobile phone. So don’t panic in this situation, you can easily resolve this issue by deleting the junk files on your phone.

How can we solve the AM errors?

There are a lot of errors including screen color, sign-in, and loading errors. But don’t worry you can easily escape from these errors by following these steps such as clean storage, clear data, or reinstall the app.


Within this article, we have discussed the AM Mod APK  all errors including sign-in, loading, RAM and GPU-related issues, and much more. We also gave their solutions in the above steps so you can read them that can easily solve these errors. This article is hopefully helpful for the users who face these errors. If you still have any questions, you can drop them in the comment section.