How to Mask Videos in Alight Motion in Simple Steps

Everyone wants to mask their videos, many film scenes also use this feature to make their scenes more realistic and attractive. However, there is only one app that offers this masking feature on smartphones Alight Motion.

How to Mask Videos in Alight Motion

The “Masking” term itself seems like a very difficult task to do but in Alight Motion, it is very convenient to use. I am gonna guide you step by step tutorial on how to mask your video using Alight Motion.

What is Masking?

Masking is one of the most popular feature in video editing allowing you to select a specific portion or video of your project to do multiple things such as duplicate, copy, hide, overlay, modify or reveal your footage. In this procedure, the mask itself is an image, text, or some custom template frame you want to overlay on your video.

What is Masking

Masking helps you to create multiple amazing videos on your smartphone. A lot of professionals use this technique in their videos to make them more attractive and user-friendly. Masking can be used for many purposes like you can blur any irrelevant object from your video, isolate any object, and also add animations.

Masking helps to improve your editing skills, you can easily mask your video either you are a professional or a newbie.

Types of Masking

There are many types of masking, but the most common and primary types of masking are:

  • Vector Masks
  • Bitmap Masks
  • Image Masks

Vector Masks

Vector masks are the versatile and resolution-independent path that clips out the content of your video. You can make vector masks by using bezier curves, pen, pencil, or shaping tools available on Alight Motion Mod APK. Vector masks are usually more attractive and authentic than pixel-based. The best thing about vector masks is that you can animate or resize them without losing the quality of your mask.

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Bitmap Masks

Bitmap masks are made up of pixels and you can edit this only by using painting in your video. Bitmap masks are usually used to isolate a particular portion of your image for example if you want to isolate an irrelevant person from your video or want to isolate your friend’s hair. With this, you can also create an image from an existing image either by duplicating your image or by applying an operation to your video.

Image Mask

An image mask is a widely used mask among them all, it uses alpha channel or grayscale to make very interesting images. You can cut any video or image and place it on another video or image.

How to Mask your Video Using Alight Motion?

Masking your video in Alight Motion is very convenient to use because of its user-friendly interface. If you are not familiar with masking before, you don’t need to worry this guide will show you how to mask your video whether you are a professional or a newbie.

How to Mask your Video Using Alight Motion
Infographics – How to Mask your Video Using Alight Motion
  1. Firstly, launch the Alight Motion app on your smartphone.
  2. Import your video or image, you want to mask.
  3. Add a background image or frame by selecting your favorite element, you can select your background from hundreds of images or templates present in Alight Motion.
  4. Now add a layer you want to mask or use as a mask in your project. It should be anything such as any image, video, or template.
  5. Adjust your layer on top of your video and make sure the duration of both layers matched.
  6. It’s time to apply a mask to your video.
  7. Now select both the layers and tap on the “Layer icon” to add the second layer.
  8. Then go to the menu and select “Masking Group” feature now your layer is masked on your video.
  9. After completing the whole editing preview your video and check if there is anything that is missing or not. It may take 2 or 3 minutes to mask your video.
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Alight Motion Masking Tutorial

As we guided you earlier that how to use Alight Motion masking feature if there is any doubts remaining you can also check out this video:

YouTube video


Can Masking is available on Alight Motion?

Yes, you can easily mask your video on Alight Motion. You can add either vector or bitmap mask on your videos.

Can I add more than one layer to our video?

Yes, you can add more than one layer at once, select as much layers as you want adjust them on your video and uses the “Masking Group” option of Alight Motion.


Nowadays masking is a very important part of your editing skills. It will make help your video more attractive and vibrant. It gives a professional touch to your video. In this article I guided you step by step procedure to mask your video sing Alight Motion on your mobile phone.

I hope till now you know how to use the masking feature into your videos or images. So don’t hesitate and make amazing videos and animations using the Alight Motion app.