How To Remove Alight Motion Watermark – (3 Best Methods)

Watermarks in videos look horrible. We all want to remove the copyrighted watermarks from our videos & images. There are several methods to remove watermark from Alight Motion but only some of them worked on your smartphone.

How To Remove Alight Motion Watermark

We are gonna explain to you the three best methods to remove your watermark of Alight Motion. Choose the one (Method) you like the most.

What is Watermark and Why they are Important?

Watermark is simply a logo, text, or document of any company that is intentionally attached with your photos or videos if you are using any app. Sometimes it will affect the quality of your image.

What is Watermark

Similarly, in the free version of Light Motion, you got a branding of Alight Motion in your edited videos or images. A lot of people have to doubt why some digital companies have watermarks in their apps? Actually, there are many reasons for this, let’s talk about some important factors that why watermarks are their:

Copyright Protection:

Some companies use watermarks in their apps just to discourage the illegal use of their products. If you notice that there are several websites that are selling some online images or videos, they probably have a watermark on them.

The purpose of that watermark is to protect your work from illegal use without your permission. If you purchase any image then in the final product you got the image without a watermark.


Often people use watermarks to advertise their products in the market. Like if you use the free version of Alight Motion in your video you probably have a watermark in your video. So wherever you posted your video that watermark indicates millions of people you use this to make such an amazing video. It will attract many people to download or try Alight Motion.

Methods to Get Rid Alight Motion Watermark

Nobody wants any kind of watermarks in their videos or images. Hence there are several ways present on the internet to get rid from the Alight Motion watermark but a lot of that tricks don’t work on your smartphone. But don’t worry, we are gonna tell you the three most authentic and useful methods to remove watermarks from your video by using any device such as Android, IOS, or PC (These Methods are applicable on all Devices).

Methods to remove Alight Motion Watermark
Infographic – Methods to remove Alight Motion Watermark

1. Use Third-Part App

Using a third-party app to remove the Alight Motion watermark is one of the best methods. It is a very simple and easy method all you have to do is to use some other watermark remover app in your video and boom your watermark is removed successfully. Let me tell you to step by step:

  • First, open the Alight Motion app on your smartphone. Choose the images you want to edit and make an amazing video by using cool elements such as transitions, filters, and vector elements.
  • After that check your edit video by previewing them on your smartphone, so you can add several more things which are missing. Then export your video.
  • So you have exported your video from Alight motion, now you have to download any third-party watermark remover app to your smartphone. I personally use the Inshot app because it is very easy to use.
  • Now open the Inshot app, and add your video containing the watermark of Alight Motion.
  • After Adding your project you’ll see a watermark remover option, tap on that button and let the process be completed.
  • Congratulations! you have successfully removed the watermark from your video by just using a third-party app.

2. Download the Mod Version Of Alight Motion

Another method of removing the Alight motion watermark is to download its modded version from google. Just search “Alight Motion Mod APK” and you got several websites that are offering you this mod version of Alight Motion. It is the most easiest and effective way to get rid from the Alight Motion watermark from any of your devices such as smartphones or PC. In addition, you will also get some more features in the modded version of Alight Motion:

  • You will get a permanent watermark remover in Alight Motion Mod APK.
  • Some cool elements such as Filters, Transitions Effects, Font layers, masking, and many more.
  • All premium features are unlocked.
  • Everything is unlimited and free to use.
  • No Ads.
  • All bugs fix and other improvements.

3. Premium Membership subscription

In this method, there is no science behind it. If you have enough budget, you simply have to purchase the premium subscription of Alight Motion. it is the most safest and legal way to use all the premium features including watermark remover and many more. You can check all the subscription plans by checking Alight Motion’s official website.

Tutorial to Remove Alight Motion Watermark

As earlier I told you all the ways to remove your watermark, you can also check the given tutorial to remove your watermark:

YouTube video


How to remove Alight Motion watermark for free?

There are two methods to remove the Alight motion watermark, one is to use any third-party watermark remover app and the second is to install Alight Motion mod APK on your smartphones.

Is there is Watermark in Alight Motion free version?

Yes, In the free version you got a watermark on your edited video(Which can be Removable).

Which is the best App to remove Alight Motion watermark?

There are several third-party apps present, which help you to remove the watermark from any of your videos or images. But among them, all the best one is Inshot pro.

What is the safest way to remove Alight Motion watermark?

The safest and legal way to remove the Alight Motion watermark is to buy the premium subscription of Alight Motion if you have enough budget.


So what are you waiting for get rid of your Alight Motion watermark from your video and make it more professional and attractive.

We discussed the three methods to get rid of the Alight Motion watermark:

  1. Use Third-Party App
  2. Install Alight Motion Mod APK
  3. Buy Premium subscription