How To Use Alight Motion App for Beginners (Quick Guide)

As we all know Alight Motion app is one of the best and first professional video editing apps for smartphones. It helps you to edit your videos as well as photos. However, it is very simple and easy to use it. So the question is not this “how to use Alight Motion?” because nowadays people are smart enough to understand any software.

How To Use Alight Motion

The question is “how to use the Alight Motion app in the right way?” So I am gonna guide you that how can you guys edit your videos, add some fun elements, cool vectors, and many more things about this great app.

How to use Alight Motion App for Beginners

Alight Motion offers you to add your images, videos, animations, transition effects, mask your videos, etc. In this guide, I am going to tell you how you can start your first project in Alight motion. All you have to do is to follow the given mentioned steps.

Quick Start Guide of Alight Motion
Infographics – Quick Start Guide of Alight Motion
  • In the first step, you have to install the Alight Motion app on your devices such as Android, IOS, or PC. Download the app version according to your device.
  • Once you installed the app you are ready to use the Alight Motion app, import your pictures (Camera) from your device that you want to edit. If your images or videos are already saved on your mobile phone then you can also skip this step.
  • After selecting multiple images, you have two different options to edit your project. The first option is to edit your images one by one as you like and add multiple elements, fonts, and vectors one by one. The second option is called bulk editing, in this option, you have to use an editing tool for all of your selected images. It helps to save your time and apply bulk options to all. So select your option according to your need.
  • The next step is to perform general editing actions on your images such as cropping, copyrighting, frame adjustment, sound settings, etc.
  • After that, there is a filter option right there, if you want to apply a filter to your photos all you have to do is go to filter liberty. There are hundreds of filters present there, choose your favorite filter and apply it to your images. Keep in mind that you can apply filters to your images one by one or you can do this all at once too.
  • The next step is to add text to your videos or images, it is a very cool feature to use. There are 3000+ fonts available for you. But if you don’t like any of those texts, you can also make your customizable text font for your video to overlay. You can add multiple texts to your various images or you can overlay one single text in all of your photos.
  • Next, you can also add some more elements such as stickers, animations, vectors, icon support, etc. If you want to add these elements to your project it may look cool. There are tuns of elements present in Alight Motion.
  • You also got some extra cool features like color stabilizing, velocity-based motion blur, hundreds of special keyframes, and some fun visual effects, these features give your video a professional touch.
  • After all the customization it’s time to review your video. Check your edited video by just playing it and checking if something is missing or not.
  • After checking your video it’s time to export your video. As we all know Alight Motion offers you multiple formats to export your videos such as XML, MP4 (Video), GIF, PNG, and JPG. You can export your video using any format. I generally use MP4 in HD quality, because in this format my video looks so stunning.
  • You can also export any of your customizable elements, So you can use them later in your future projects.
  • Here you go simply export your video and your video is ready to play. You can also share your video with your friends and also on many platforms like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and many other social media platforms.

How to use Alight Motion app Tutorial

You can also watch the given video to know more about how to use Alight Motion app on your smartphones:

YouTube video

How to Use Elements in Alight Motion?

How to Use Elements in Alight Motion

Alight Motion offers you a variety of elements to edit your video. Elements play a very important role in video editing because with the help of elements, you can make cool videos, fun images, and multiple animations. You can also get an option to make your customizable elements You can also use your saved elements in the future, you just have to export them. You can track your elements by tracking the “My Elements Collection” tab.

  • Open and run the Alight Motion app on your smartphone.
  • Then select the video or image from your phone you want to add cool elements.
  • After selecting the project, it’s time to edit your video.
  • Now add elements such as filters, effects, vectors and etc.
  • Once you add your favorite elements on your video, preview your video.
  • Next export your video in any format according to your device.
  • Congratulations! you’ve successfully added cool and attractive elements in your videos.

Why Elements are Important?

So a lot of people think that why elements are important? The answer is simple elements help your video to make it more attractive and professional. Elements give a smoothing effect to your video like you can use various elements in your video. For example, if you want to write anything on your video clip, you simply have to choose your favorite text element and adjust them to your clip. You can also change your video’s color stabilization, filters, and visual effects by just using elements.

Why Elements are Important?

You can do almost everything with your video by just using Alight motion elements. It also saves your precious time with less effort. These elements are very easy and simple to use. Another great thing is that you can share any elements with any of your friends.

In short without elements, I would say your editing is incomplete. So I suggest you use at least one or two elements in your video, in addition also try some cool fonts and visual effects.

Features of Elements in Alight Motion

So as we talk earlier that how & why elements are important. So did you know, we could also do some more great stuff with Alight Motion elements. Yes, we do!

With elements, you can also change the properties of text. To edit an element text all you have to do is simply click on that element, after that click on the Element Properties button. Just tap the empty text field and write what you want. It is very easy to use and you can make some very interesting text by yourself. In the same that, you can edit any element of Alight Motion by just following the above method.

Features of Elements in Alight Motion

Another great thing is that you can also change the color of any element. Choose your favorite color and just tap the element and click the Color & Fill button, and it shows you a variety of color options.

You can create your own elts or you can simply edit the existing elements too. You can also download many more elements by using the Alight Motion website.

More to Get with Alight Motion App

Alight Motion is one of the first apps that brings pre-motion graphics, it will increase the quality of your video, and it also provides you multiple outstanding visual effects and many more options like color correction, and vector graphics. What else do you want? It is very easy to use this app, especially on smartphones. Furthermore, if you want to take your video to the next level, I will advise you to buy an Alight Motion premium subscription.

So what are you waiting for! Download the Alight Motion app on your device and edit your videos and images with the world’s 1st skilled motion video editing mobile app.

Pros of Alight Motion

As we talked about earlier Alight Motion has tuns of features in it, so now let’s highlight its best features which I like are given below:

  • Whenever I try this app it is very easy and mobile-friendly to use
  • I love its motion graphic element like damn anytime I use these vector graphics in my video it looks so good
  • You can also save & share any of your favorite elements very easily. So you can use them in the future.
  • Another great feature of Alight Motion is that there is no watermark in your video, which is great because many apps have their watermark in videos.
  • You can also add any audio in your videos like any song, recording, etc.
  • You can edit more than one video at the same time, it helps your time and effort.
  • Last but not least this app is completely Ad-free, for most people it’s not a big deal but I personally like apps with no ads in them because it’s so annoying when apps appear on your mobile screen.
Pros & Cons of Alight Motion

Cons of Alight Motion

As we know nothing is perfect in this world, so now let’s talk about some drawbacks of Alight Motion app.

  • The keyframe feature is a little bit difficult to use because it confuses the new users.
  • When it comes to PC users, there is no dedicated version for them. If you want to use this app on your PC, you’ll get smartphone UI & UX.
  • Some features are locked, you can use them only if you buy the premium Alight Motion app.
  • Sometimes during editing, you may face some bugs in it.


Is the Alight Motion app suitable for Beginners or Professionals?

Alight Motion is the first video editing app that is suitable for both beginners and professionals. Both can use this epic app on their smartphone without any hesitation.

How do I use Alight Motion?

You simply have to add some elements such as filters, graphics, or stickers to your video, and export the video to your mobile phone by choosing the desired export format.

How to add media & audio in Alight Motion?

Open the app, and you’ll find the option “Add Media” click on that, and then you can edit any of your videos or image in it. Further, if you want to add some audio click on “Add Audio” button and add your favorite audio to your video.

Do We share elements in Alight Motion with our friends?

Yes, you can share any of your favorite elements with your friends as well as on any platform by just saving that element.


So let’s sum up all the things, In this article, I told you about how to use the Alight Motion app? I hope now you guys are ready to edit your video in Alight Motion. Don’t forget to use cool elements in your videos. I hope you will get the best experience with this app. I also tell you the pros & cons of this app so that you should keep everything in your mind before downloading or using the Alight Motion app on your smartphone.