How to Use QR Codes in Alight Motion (Make & Add Codes)

Alight Motion offers you multiple features such as transition effects, vector graphics, masking the video, animations, and many more. But one of its most exciting feature is that you can import other people’s projects in Alight Motion by simply scanning their QR codes. A lot of people want their project to look professional like many creator’s projects.

How to Use QR Codes in Alight Motion

Don’t worry this article will guide you on how you can use and import your favorite preset in the Alight Motion app, and also guide you on how you can make your own QR code that will be shareable with your friends as well as social media platforms.

What is Alight Motion QR Code?

QR codes are scannable bar codes that hold data. They are commonly used to redirect people to saved websites, pages, or any post. You can use QR codes on any device such as android, iPhone, or PC, by just opening the camera app and scan the QR code pattern to share your data freely with any of your friends. Alight Motion is the first professional video editing app that offers this feature on iPhone as well as android.

What is Alight Motion QR Code

You can import other Alight Motion user projects by scanning and using these codes, further, you can also edit and polish the project according to your need. This is a very great feature of Alight Motion and very convenient to use. It is very easy to use Alight Motion app on any device.

How to Use QR Codes in Alight Motion?

Using Alight Motion QR code is really simple and easy to use. Before using this interesting feature you should have two apps on your smartphone: Instagram and any QR code scanner. After downloading both these apps you simply have to follow the given steps:

How to Use QR Codes in Alight Motion
Infographics – How to Use QR Codes in Alight Motion
  1. Firstly, open your Instagram app on your smartphone.
  2. Go to the search bar, and search “alightmotionpresets”.
  3. Select any profile you want and open it.
  4. Next check out Alight Motion presets and QR codes available there, for example, select the shake effect preset.
  5. Then capture the screenshot of the selected QR code you want to import.
  6. Now open the QR code app and transfer the screenshot to it.
  7. Then you’ll get the URL/link or any data stored in that code.
  8. Paste that link on your browser and tap enter.
  9. Your URL will automatically imported into the Alight Motion app.
  10. After that verify that link in Alight Motion app.
  11. In last, your project package will download in Alight Motion. Enjoy and use your preset without any hurdles.
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How to Make Alight Motion XML Codes?

Now the question is how to make custom QR codes in Alight Motion? It’s very simple and easy to make your own QR code. Because whenever we use other presets also want to make our own preset that everyone can use them. It is a kinda creative task but it is really fun to do. You can easily make tuns of QR codes by using any QR code generator tool. Select which type of QR code you want to create, I personally recommend you to make dynamic QR codes because these type of codes works really fast on your smartphones. After that customize your QR code, insert the data you want to store in your code, and boom! your code is ready.

Alot of people want to know how to make XML QR codes in Alight Motion, so don’t worry the following steps will guide you on how you can do this:

  • Open the Alight motion app and click on the green plus sign, it will create a new project for you.
  • Give your project a name and set the basic editing such as ratio, speed, background and etc.
  • Once you finish all your basic editing, click on the icon pointing outside the app, you can find this icon on the top right corner and tap on it.
  • Now select the XML format to export your video, it may take 1 to 2 min to export your video.
  • Then, download the QR code maker app from Playstore or Applestore, open the app and click on the burger button then paste the link/URL of your project.
  • Once you paste your project into the QR code maker app, the app will make you a unique QR code that you can share with your Alight motion members as well as with your friends.
  • Anyone who can scan this app will be redirected to google drive XML. After clicking on the file Alight Notion will automatically open your project to the user. They can also have all the options to edit your project too.
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How To Import Projects Through QR Codes?

Alight Motion offers you to import several projects of other members on your smartphone by scanning their QR code e.g if you like a shake effect project of your member you can easily export it on your smartphone, you can import projects on your iPhone by follow the given steps:

How To Import Projects Through QR Codes
  • Go to settings, tap the control center, then select the QR code scanner.
  • After opening the scanner, position your iPhone according to code.
  • To add more light, open the flashlight.
  • Next, it may take 1 to 2 sec to scan the QR code, and then your data will appear on your IOS device.
  • A notification will appear on your mobile phone and open to redirect to the website.

You can simply import projects on your iPhone by follow the above steps. In android, you can simply have to open your camera app and select the QR code scanner to simply import your data on your smartphone.

How to Add Alight Motion QR Codes on Home Screen?

You can also add QR codes on your home screen:

  1. Open Google Chrome on your mobile device.
  2. Open the sent link or you can also scan it through the QR code scanner app.
  3. Add the page on your mobile phone’s home screen.
  4. Then add the web app on your home or landing screen.
  5. Last, select “Add to home screen”.
  6. Congratulations! your QR code is now added to your home screen.


Can I use Alight Motion QR codes in IOS device?

Yes, you can easily use Alight Motion QR codes on Apple devices, by just opening the QR scanner and scan your favorite code.

Do we import QR codes in Alight Motion app?

Yes, Alight Motion is the first professional video editing app that offers a QR code import feature to its users. You can also make your own QR codes in Alight Motion.

Do we add QR codes to home screen?

Yes, you can easily add codes to the landing screen of your smartphone by simply add qr code page to your home screen.


So I hope now you know how to export and use your favorite Alight Motion preset by simply scanning the project QR code. You can use any QR code scanner app to scan Alight Motion codes and you will easily create your own custom QR code project, that you can share on any platform like Facebook, TikTok, or Instagram.