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In the ever-evolving world of digital content creation, video editing has taken center stage. From social media influencers to amateur filmmakers, the demand for easy-to-use and versatile editing tools has skyrocketed.

CapCut, a popular video editing app developed by Bytedance, has gained prominence for its user-friendly interface and diverse range of features. One of the most sought-after features of CapCut is the “One Kiss” template, which has captured the attention of content creators worldwide.

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One Kiss Slowed Capcut Template 2023

The “One Kiss” CapCut template is a pre-designed video editing layout that encapsulates the essence of romance and nostalgia. It is tailor-made for users who wish to add a touch of elegance and emotion to their video content.

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This template is inspired by the idea of a fleeting, yet impactful moment – a kiss – and is characterized by its soft transitions, delicate effects, and captivating overlays.

How to Download the One Kiss CapCut Template:

How to Download the One Kiss CapCut Template:
  • Take a look at the templates displayed above.
  • Choose the template that suits your preference.
  • Click the “Use Template in CapCut” button located below the selected template.
  • Voila! You will be redirected to your CapCut app, granting you access to the chosen template.
  • Select the photos and videos you want to use and place them into the template.
  • Your video is now ready. Proceed to export it in your preferred format or resolution.


The One Kiss CapCut Template is a pre-designed video editing template for CapCut, a popular video editing app.

Import your video footage and images into CapCut, then apply the One Kiss template. Edit text, transitions, and effects as desired.

Yes, you can modify text, colors, and other elements to suit your preferences and content.

The template might be free or require a purchase, depending on its source and complexity.

Look for the One Kiss template on CapCut’s official template library or third-party websites.


The One Kiss CapCut template presents an exceptional opportunity for content creators to infuse their videos with an air of romance and nostalgia. Its carefully curated transitions, vintage overlays, and subtle color grading options enable users to tell stories that tug at heartstrings.

By following the straightforward steps outlined above, you can easily incorporate this enchanting template into your video editing repertoire.